New special issue!

The special issue of Television & New Media on "Rearticulating Audience Engagement: Social Media and Television" is out, co-edited with Thomas Poell and José van Dijck.

The issue brings together five contributions exploring the integration of social media and television through particular lenses, covering various national and comparative perspectives, aiming to rearticulate audience engagement in a changing socio-technological landscape.
Hallvard Moe

Latest activities

Media Diversity Committee
The Ministry of Culture has appointed me as member of a committee to evaluate policies for media diversity. The committee, lead by Knut Olav Åmås, will deliver its recommendations in spring 2017. More info (in Norwegian).

Visiting Copenhagen
From late March till late April 2016, I'm visiting scholar at the Department of Business and Politics at the Copenhagen Business School. I'm working with Professor Anker Brink Lund at his Center for civilsamfundsstudier.

Latest publication

2016 with Hilde Van den Bulck (eds) Teletext Across Europe: From the Analog to the Digital Era, Gothenburg: Nordicom.

Forthcoming publication

with Kari Karppinen "What We Talk About When We Talk About Media Independence". To be published in Javnost - The Public.

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Latest presentation

2016 with Hilde Van den Bulck "Hidden in Plain Sight. The Role of European Teletext in the Development of the Web", paper presented at the ICA's 66th Annual Conference Communicating with Power, June 9-13 (Fukuoka, Japan).

Upcoming presentation

with Brita Ytre-Arne "Exercising and experiencing freedom of information: Media diaries in the exploration of public connection", paper to be presented at the 6th European Communication Conference (ECREA), Nov 9-12 (Prague, Czech Republic).
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